All you need to know about VBAC in one place

4 Most Common VBAC Prep Mistakes

How a Ball Chair will Get You Ready to VBAC

Learn how this essential item reduces hip & back pain and improves fetal positioning, how it can help you VBAC, where to buy it, and what to use when you can’t take it with you.

What is a Rebozo?

YouTube VBAC Affirmations to Listen to During Your Pregnancy

Mindset matters. This couldn’t be more true than after C-Section(s). Maintain positive thoughts by listening to these 5 affirmation videos throughout your pregnancy.

Why Your VBAC Needs These 3 Guided Meditations

Best Books to Help You Prepare for Your VBAC

After I had a repeat C-Section, I wanted to get my hands on every book dedicated to vaginal delivery. Here are the 3 best ones you to help you with your journey! (And 3 bonus ones, in case you have the time)

Epic 5-Day VBA2C Story with The VBAC Link

VBAC Birth Plan (with a bonus C-Section Plan, to prepare for the unexpected)

Every woman should visualize an unmedicated plan, a medicated delivery, and a C-Section. This helps you keep in mind what to discuss with your providers, and what your choices are during any situation. My first C-Section I was completely blind-sided. And you were probably a fish out of water, too. So here are 2 pages with a comprehensive list of what you can request from your doctors and midwives.

How To Have Your Best Pregnancy: First Trimester

How To Have Your Best Pregnancy: Second Trimester

How to Have Your Best Pregnancy: Third Trimester


Image with a colored and black & white version of the best birth books checklist

Free printable checklist for good pregnancy reads.

Warning sign- hips lower than knees. Why a ball chair is so important.

The single most important item for pregnancy comfort



5 best vbac affirmation youtube videos

Embedded right into the post, no scrambling around trying to find them.

VBAC & C-Section Birth Plans Free Printables

Download your free birth plan printables here! How to have a successful VBAC & things to discuss with your provider.

What is a rebozo anyway? Beginner's Guide to rebozo techniques during pregnancy and labor


How to Increase Chances of VBAC- There is much you can do to increase your chances of having a successful vaginal delivery after a C-Section.

Maternity Cookbooks for Prenatal Cooking- As much as we like to avoid it, healthy eating is a vital part of any pregnancy. It’s even more important for C-Section Moms. Not only do you have to fight an uphill battle to find someone to care for you properly, there are reasons that contributed to having your first C-Section. Reduce the chances of another one by optimizing your health.

How Accurate is Your Due Date?- Average pregnancies are between 38-42 weeks. So when your OB says you can have a VBAC if you go into labor by 39 or 40 weeks? They are setting you up for a C-Section.

How to Strengthen Uterus for VBAC- From exercises to supplements. Here we will break down tips for how to make sure that uterus is ready for the marathon of labor.

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How Accurate is the VBAC Calculator?

What are the Risks of VBAC?

What are the Risks of Repeat C-Sections?

VBAC Diet and Exercise

Successful VBAC Story

VBAC Induction Methods: What to Do and When

VBAC Criteria and What it Means for You

What is the VBAC Success Rate?

You Can Try Again. My Second VBAC Attempt.

VBAC or C-Section Quiz!

How to Have a Normal Delivery After a Traumatic C-Section

Successful VBAC Tips

Am I a Good Candidate for VBAC?

Can I Have a Trial of Labor After a C-Section?

Is it Safe to TOLAC?

Questions to Ask Your OB

Simple, Actionable Tips for Preparing for a VBAC

Most Common Fears C-Section Moms Have for Delivering Vaginally

Is it Safe to Delivery Vaginally After a C-Section?

Your Uterus Isn’t Broken Just Because You Had A C-Section (or Four)

Why I LOVED My VBA2C, even though it took 5 days and ended in a birthing center transfer to the hospital.

Is Home Birth Safe for VBAC moms?

Is Homebirth an Option for TOLAC?

Homebirth vs Hospital Birth after a C-Section

Preparation for Homebirth TOLAC

Homebirth After Cesarean

Cost of a Homebirth vs Hospital

Homebirth Midwife in Utah

Interested in transferring to an out-of-hospital birth? Get my cheat sheet here! 

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