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How a Ball Chair will Get You Ready to VBAC

Learn how this essential item reduces hip & back pain and improves fetal positioning, how it can help you VBAC, where to buy it, and what to use when you can’t take it with you.

YouTube VBAC Affirmations to Listen to During Your Pregnancy

Mindset matters. This couldn’t be more true than after C-Section(s). Maintain positive thoughts by listening to these 5 affirmation videos throughout your pregnancy.

Best Books to Help You Prepare for Your VBAC

After I had a repeat C-Section, I wanted to get my hands on every book dedicated to vaginal delivery. Here are the 3 best ones you to help you with your journey! (And 3 bonus ones, in case you have the time)

VBAC Birth Plan (with a bonus C-Section Plan, to prepare for the unexpected)

Every woman should visualize an unmedicated plan, a medicated delivery, and a C-Section. This helps you keep in mind what to discuss with your providers, and what your choices are during any situation. My first C-Section I was completely blind-sided. And you were probably a fish out of water, too. So here are 2 pages with a comprehensive list of what you can request from your doctors and midwives.


Image with a colored and black & white version of the best birth books checklist

Free printable checklist for good pregnancy reads.

Warning sign- hips lower than knees. Why a ball chair is so important.

The single most important item for pregnancy comfort



5 best vbac affirmation youtube videos

Embedded right into the post, no scrambling around trying to find them.

VBAC & C-Section Birth Plans Free Printables

Download your free birth plan printables here! How to have a successful VBAC & things to discuss with your provider.



How to Increase Chances of VBAC- There is much you can do to increase your chances of having a successful vaginal delivery after a C-Section.

Maternity Cookbooks for Prenatal Cooking- As much as we like to avoid it, healthy eating is a vital part of any pregnancy. It’s even more important for C-Section Moms. Not only do you have to fight an uphill battle to find someone to care for you properly, there are reasons that contributed to having your first C-Section. Reduce the chances of another one by optimizing your health.

What is a Rebozo?- Did you have a really long labor? Did your baby have a hard time engaging or descending? You need a rebozo! Here we talk about techniques to use to get that baby in the best position for birth.

How Accurate is Your Due Date?- Average pregnancies are between 38-42 weeks. So when your OB says you can have a VBAC if you go into labor by 39 or 40 weeks? They are setting you up for a C-Section.

How to Strengthen Uterus for VBAC- From exercises to supplements. Here we will break down tips for how to make sure that uterus is ready for the marathon of labor.

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How Accurate is the VBAC Calculator?

What are the Risks of VBAC?

What are the Risks of Repeat C-Sections?

VBAC Diet and Exercise

Successful VBAC Story

VBAC Induction Methods: What to Do and When

VBAC Criteria and What it Means for You

What is the VBAC Success Rate?

You Can Try Again. My Second VBAC Attempt.

VBAC or C-Section Quiz!

How to Have a Normal Delivery After a Traumatic C-Section

Successful VBAC Tips

Am I a Good Candidate for VBAC?

Can I Have a Trial of Labor After a C-Section?

Is it Safe to TOLAC?

Questions to Ask Your OB

Simple, Actionable Tips for Preparing for a VBAC

Most Common Fears C-Section Moms Have for Delivering Vaginally

Is it Safe to Delivery Vaginally After a C-Section?

Your Uterus Isn’t Broken Just Because You Had A C-Section (or Four)

Why I LOVED My VBA2C, even though it took 5 days and ended in a birthing center transfer to the hospital.

Is Home Birth Safe for VBAC moms?

Is Homebirth an Option for TOLAC?

Homebirth vs Hospital Birth after a C-Section

Preparation for Homebirth TOLAC

Homebirth After Cesarean

Cost of a Homebirth vs Hospital

Homebirth Midwife in Utah

Interested in transferring to an out-of-hospital birth? Get my cheat sheet here! 

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