Vaginal Birth After Cesareans (VBAC)

The 5 Best Free VBAC Affirmation Videos You’ll Love

Affirmations are amazing! I didn’t really know about them during my first pregnancy. If I heard of them, I probably thought they were as unnecessary as reading books to prepare for birth (don’t worry, I have since repented- here is my list of the 3 best books to read during pregnancy). During pregnancy #2 I just listened to the CDs I was given in my HypnoBirthing class over and over. I thought it would be all I needed. Nope! Turns out my body doesn’t respond as well to Marie Mongan’s voice as it does to other lovely voices on YouTube.

What are affirmations? Improve your chances for a smooth VBAC with these 5 prenatal affirmation videos.

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What are affirmations?

Affirmations are technically anything we repeatedly tell ourselves. This includes things we say out loud or just in our heads. There are negative affirmations like, “I’m always late,” or “My cervix doesn’t dilate.” Thoughts like these are making us internalize those beliefs and add them to our personal belief system, so the brain says “Oh, you’re always late? I can make that happen.” or “Oh you never dilate? I’ll keep that in mind.” Our brains are like machines that deliver the commands we constantly send them, even if they are inadvertent. How do we combat this? We should train ourselves to instead reframe these phrases to be either neutral “My cervix didn’t dilate during my previous births” or positive “I am getting better at being on time.”

How can affirmations help with my VBAC?

Listening to, or reciting positive affirmations every day throughout your pregnancy helps keep your attitude positive, and opens your mind to receive suggestions and find people who will positively impact your labor and birth experience. If you constantly hear the phrase “I exercise to prepare my body for labor” or “I eat right to provide the best nutrients for my growing baby” then you are less likely to resist the idea of exercise, and of eating right. Your brain will try to work in a 20-minute walk every day, or it will get you to munch on that carrot sitting in your fridge instead of chips.

I am a little skeptical about some claims, such as affirmations improving blood glucose numbers. Placental hormones affect your body in ways you can’t really control. However, I can see how exercising and eating right, and having a good attitude about it (therefore being more likely to do it), helps stabilize blood glucose numbers.

I hate when people say it’s a mind game

There is definitely more to life than just what goes on in your mind. But I have come to realize that mindset makes a huge impact on life. It is just a fact of life. One big indicator of whether or not someone will get a C-Section is who their provider is, and what hospital they give birth in. By using positive pregnancy affirmations, and guided meditations, I believe it will help keep your mind sharp & in-tune with your intuition to know whether or not you have found your right provider, and if you have chosen the best place to labor and deliver your baby in.

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I was too afraid to switch providers during my first & second pregnancies. I didn’t want to seem high-maintenance or a nuisance, and I didn’t want to deal with the billing nuisances. Now, baby #3, I have so far switched providers 3 times, and am looking for another midwife. I have realized it’s not a big deal. What helped me overcome my limiting beliefs? Listening to positive podcasts. My podcast, “Empowering C-Sections” will launch in May 2019. It will help women overcome their C-Section guilt & trauma, and arm them with knowledge on how to prevent future C-Sections. The podcast that helped me overcome birth envy and opened up my mind to the possibilities available for my VBA2C has been the VBAC Link Podcast. Definitely take a peek at their website.

I took their in-person course and it is awesome! They also do Zoom classes for people not local to Utah. (I am not affiliated in any way! I just mention them a lot because I love them so much!)

Affirmations on the daily

I like to shake things up and listen to a variety of affirmation videos and meditations. I usually do not listen to each one every day, I just pick one or two and call it good. Sometimes I find myself with more time to meditate, so I do listen to them all. I have all of these on my YouTube VBAC Pregnancy Playlist. It has them all nicely gathered so I can pick and choose the ones I want to listen to. Or, I can just hit “play” and it will run through them all. I like to do this if I’m doing something mindless, like washing dishes or folding laundry. You can subscribe to the playlist for easy access to these 5 great VBAC pregnancy affirmations.

Most of the videos are not VBAC specific, but they encourage positive attitudes towards pregnancy and birth in general. These all pair well with my favorite prenatal books. Click here for my list of the 3 best books to read during your VBAC pregnancy.

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Compliment your affirmations with these 3 guided meditations while you sleep

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Best VBAC Pregnancy Affirmations

1. Positive Pregnancy Affirmations – Guided meditation to relieve stress during pregnancy by Mariellen Brown

This 9 minute video is a great starter, because it explains the fight-or-flight mode and how affirmations can help keep you relaxed.


2. VBAC Birth Affirmations– by Birth Affirmations

This quick 6 minute video is VBAC specific, and perfect if you have less than 10 minutes to squeeze some affirmations in. Especially if you need a quick relaxation boost. I frequently hold tension in my body without realizing it. This video quickly and efficiently reminds me to release the tension.

3. Affirmations for Pregnancy– by Bree Taylor Molyneaux

I love this one. It is so encouraging and says everything I need to hear during pregnancy.

4. Positive Affirmations for Courage and Confidence!– by Ron Mick

This one is good for helping with courage and confidence in general. I think it perfectly applies to VBACs. We are Belly Birth Warriors and need all the empowerment we can get!

5. Positive & Empowering PREGNANCY AFFIRMATIONS for a Beautiful Pregnancy– by Empower Love Now

A great 12 minute video. It hits all the points about pregnancy, including glucose levels, drinking water, exercise, and even reducing prenatal appointment anxiety.

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What are your favorite pregnancy affirmations?

Here are my favorite VBAC pregnancy guided meditations. Heal from trauma and get ready for a VBAC with these 3 fantastic meditations