About Me!

About Me!

BearfootMama.com About Me! Learn about how to treat symptoms of thrush, yeast infections, playing with and adjusting to your baby, and so much more!

Hello! Welcome to Bearfoot Mama!

My name is Kimberly.

I was born in Puerto Rico (yes, I am fluent in Spanish), raised in Dallas, Texas, went to college in Provo, Utah, we lived for a year and a half in Kansas City, and now I live with my husband (the Hubs, or Hubs) and son (IV, who was born December, 2015) in Orem, UT. Baby #2 is due in early September!

My fabulous, engineer, handsome, baker hubby is what keeps me sane and grounded. I love him ever so much. He is my editor-in-chief. I also have a marvelous and fantastic mother who helps me in times of struggle. (Always). She is my superhero. And consultant editor-in-chief.

I am currently studying Business Management with an emphasis in Personal Finance online.

I almost called this “The Failed Hippie Mama Blog,” because I have tried so many things, and wanted to be so natural and DIY and Eco-friendly, but it never tends to work out right. No-Poo Shampoo for 6 months? Horrific. Stinky, dry, awful hair no matter what I did. All-natural, yoga, precursor to home, birth? 10 days overdue, 36 hours with water broken, only dilated to a 4 with up to 20mls (the max) of pitocin: Bam. Cesarean. (Even while doing yoga during my entire labor!) Full-time cloth diapering? Waaaaaay too much time, and laundry, and water, and nope. I loved them when it was exclusively breastfed poop, but as soon as you introduce solids- scrapping poo- yeah, no. After 9 months, I decided the adventure had to end for now. Plus Aldi started selling diapers and wipes, therefore it is now cheaper to do disposables. Vegetarian? It’s a little difficult when your husband is passionate about cooking, loves meat, and makes some dang good chicken. So we settled on moderate amounts of meat. Vegan and dairy free is out of the question. We go through sticks of butter like water around here. And the list could go on.

After bouncing the idea around for a while, I finally decided to start a blog to share what I have learned during my, so far, short walk on this earth. It started as a mommy blog, but I can only think and talk about mommyhood for so long, and I’ve found other mommy blogs that rock at that topic, so now I use this as a way to talk about anything that pops into my head. (Hence, the “Babble” section).

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you enjoy! And please remember: if you have any loving feedback, I would love to hear it! (Helpful and constructive criticism is appreciated!) Remember, this is my blog for me to rant about my opinions. If you do not agree and don’t want to be nice about it, please start your own blog and post it there! It’s relatively easy, and super fun! Also, I am not a medical professional, and these are my opinions, think critically about them. Always do your own research and talk to a medical professional before trying anything. I am not liable for injuries or misfortunes that may befall you. This is what worked for me- every baby, family, and situation is different.

Stay as long as you like! Subscribe and get notified whenever I write a new post! (Not very often, I’m a pregnant mother of a toddler, and I also go to school, so yeah).



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