1st Trimester


Learn the ins and outs of having the best pregnancy. From how to sleep comfortably to what to eat, and how to strengthen your uterus. Join us at bearfootmama.com!

2nd Trimester


How to have your best pregnancy: second trimester. Learn valuable tips and tricks for how to have a comfortable pregnancy.


3rd Trimester


Pillow forts are necessary for a comfortable third trimester! Best Pregnancy Third Trimester. Are you a pregnant woman? Get the best tips and tricks to prepare yourself for labor and delivery. Sleep comfortably, and eat well.

Prenatal Prep

What is a rebozo anyway? Beginner's Guide to rebozo techniques during pregnancy and labor

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Do I really need a C-Section Birth Plan?


Being diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes is frustrating & overwhelming. Clear out some of the confusion with these 10 tips. Free week long, seven day gestational diabetes meal plan with breakfast, lunch, dinner, and two daily snacks included!

VBAC Titled, but relevant to all expectant mothers <3




Recovered from your C-Section and getting ready for your next baby? Here are 7 Ways HyonoBirthing Will Help With Your TOLAC / VBAC


Why does gestational diabetes increase the risk for C-Sections? How will gestational diabetes affect my labor? Do I really need to get induced early? No! Click here to get answers!

Learn more about gestational diabetes & how it affects your chances for C-Section

Free Birth Plans for vaginal births and Cesareans. Go into birth with both eyes open