Hello world!!!!

This is my first blog post ever!

I am so excited to have started this. Please remember, I am a beginner, and I am not a professional writer, so sometimes I just go off on tangents, misuse commas, and have other writing errors, so just bear with me.

I LOVE being a mother, and have learned SO much in the short time since my baby, IV, came into this world. I want to share what I have learned while I am in the trenches, so that it is all fresh and from the right perspective, so I decided to take a little corner of the worldwide web for myself to share my thoughts.

Not to mention, I binge read every mommy blog and every mommy YouTube channel I could find while I was pregnant and when I first had IV (who are we kidding, I still read a ton of them); so I decided to give back and pay it forward. I hope things I learn and say can help other moms (and dads) out there.

Thanks for joining me on this crazy journey of random, blunt, straightforward- but still a jumble of- thoughts, ideas, and opinions! Remember that I am just one person, these are just my experiences, and what works for my baby. You should still very much do your own research, follow your own motherly (or fatherly) instincts, and use the Lord’s guidance in everything. I’m sure you are doing great so far!

Con mucho amor,

~ Kimberly

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