9 Things Every Woman Should Know About

9 Things Every Woman Should Know About

I love finding things that make life as a woman approximately 5,000,000,000 times easier, or better, and more fabulous. But then I get a little frustrated that I did not know about them sooner. So if you see anything you love, please share! Especially if you know a little teenager that could benefit from some of these (a little sister? cousin? daughter?) PLEASE tell her! The earlier the better. Feminine needs are perfectly normal, and should NOT be taboo- they need to be discussed. I have heard way too many stories about girls who think they are dying or something is wrong with them when they start their periods. As Mamas, and women, it is our job to make sure our daughters are well informed, and it doesn’t hurt to make sure our girl friends are in the know, too! {I include a bit of an anatomy lesson in the period section, so be prepared. I do not wish to make anyone uncomfortable, but it might be jarring to some. Our bodies are one of God’s most precious gifts to us, and we need to take care of them. To do this best we need to know all we can about them}

Here are Things Every Woman Should Know About:


If you don’t have the right size of band and cup, you could be compromising the health of your breasts. When your bra is too small and is crushing your boobs into your ribs, it can cut off the circulation in your breasts, compress your tissue creating clumps, and it makes your skin and fat migrate to weird places (armpit rolls anyone?). Science has not yet proven whether or not bras increase your chance of developing breast cancer, but I can tell you from experience that my milk gets insanely backed up when I wear bras (and I haven’t worn a wire bra in years). I have to work out SO many milk clumps after just wearing a bra for a few short hours. This leads me to believe that blood and lymph and other such fluids and fascia may get backed up too. In my opinion, at least when you are home, or at the very least sleeping, let them be free. It might feel weird at first, or counter-intuitive, but letting your boobs build their own muscle and strengthen their own skin and such is not a bad thing. Wearing bras is like someone with perfectly good legs using a wheelchair at all times. Their legs are probably going to degrade over time, until sure, they need a wheelchair. But they can probably stretch ’em out and over time build enough strength and muscle to be able to function on their own again. So let them be independent and free. (Massaging them is good too. Studies have shown this may actually reduce cancer, PMS breast soreness, and more. The Breast Health Project is a good resource. Either let your significant other massage them for you, or do a thorough massage [don’t forget under your armpits, and around the perimeter] yourself. This is vital when you are breastfeeding.

1. Bra Band Extenders. When I was pregnant, I bought nursing bras during my second trimester, because I had grown out of my normal bras. Soon, though, I had grown out of one of my new bras. I did not want to buy more, as I had just expanded because my lovely bundle was pushing my ribs out, so I looked to see if there was some kind of contraption to extend the band. And there is! Here are the ones I have. They were perfect. I don’t need them anymore, because just as I expected, my rib-cage contracted back down, and I was able to comfortably fit in my nursing bras again. They were only $4 for a pack of three (white, black, and nude. So worth it. I am so glad I found these instead of buying different bras for every size I grew into.

2. Backless bras. I got the NuBra brand, and they are my best friend. I have a passionate hatred for bras, but I would wear them, if only to satisfy my responsibility to society. As soon as I heard of backless bras, I sprinted to Amazon and bought them. They have up to Size DD/E. NuBra stay on for hours, and I even reused them like 5 times (without washing) and they still stuck (although not as great with each repeated wear). No amount of sweat can slip them off (when they are fresh and clean). I’ve even worn them with leaky breast-milk, and nothing shifted! However, I do recommend washing them after every use. It’s really easy, it’s like washing your hands. You just squirt a drop of soap in each cup, rub with your fingers and palms (NO bearfootmama.com things every woman needs to know about. Menstrual cups, backless bras, adhesive bras, nipple covers, thrush, baby care, girl powerfingernails, or you will tear the adhesive), gently press (squeeze) them to get the water out, and set them out to dry overnight. In my “crazy” college phase I considered buying another set because I would stay home past midnight, and needed to go to class by 8, so they would not be dry, but I did not buy more because I had… :

3. Nippies! If you hate bras and don’t really want backless bras, but you’ve got to keep those perky nipples hidden, get yourself some nipple covers. They are pretty much just reusable, skin colored stickers for your boobs. They are amazing. When you really want to flow free, but keep yourself socially acceptable, Nippies are the way to go. Care and quality are the same as above, except they are faster at drying because they do not contain fabric (and they are smaller). They aren’t as supportive as backless bras, so it’s ideal for the less endowed, or for if it doesn’t bother you when they flop and hang.


Most of the items listed below require a learning curve. You probably won’t get it in right the first time, so just take it out, rinse it off, and try again (unless it’s a tampon. Just throw it away and get a new one). Make sure you are inserting the devices into your vagina, NOT your urethra. If you haven’t before, take a minute to explore the area underneath you for a bit. Locate 1.) your clitoris (it is a bump under a hood/fold of skin. This is the female version of a male “glans,” or the tip of the penis), further back is 2.) Your urethra (this is where your urine comes out), and then even further back is 3.) Your actual vagina. Vagina refers to the space inside. The folds of skin that are visible from the outside are collectively called the vulva, and individually labias. I don’t know when or why “vagina” is used to reference everything, but a more correct term would be vulva. If you want to teach your daughters to refer to their lady parts as the vulva, that would be great, and more correct. It helps to know if your vagina is itchy, or in pain, or whatever the case may be, or if it is actually the vulva, or labia that is in distress. Two different things. [Like saying your neck hurts vs. your throat]


4. First of all, tampons. Did you ever have that friend that would sit by the side of the pool or not swim at the beach, or miss out on countless other opportunities of fun just because she was on her period? Don’t let your menstruation get in the way! Just use tampons! NO, they do not feel anything like sex, and they do NOT arouse “unholy” feelings. At all. So please throw those assumptions out the window. You just unwrap it, fenangle it in (after a while you will be a pro, and you can just pop it in) and boom. No stress, no mess. Remember to change it out at least every 8 hours, and you are golden. They dry you out, and can be expensive over time, but man is it SO nice to not wake up on top of a puddle of blood, or to have the pad move out of the way so blood gets on your pants. I wonder what the cost is to wash sheets, throw away panties, and your sanity compared to just wearing tampons. Also, you can swim, run, dance, whatever while wearing them. Compact tampons are legit. And super awesome. Now for the really crazy…

5. Menstrual sponges. I am not kidding. Sponges that are harvested from various parts of the ocean, and trimmed to fit inside your vagina. Crazy, right? These are more eco friendly than tampons. But they are more of a hassle. You have to make sure they are clean and you can’t just boil them, you need to soak them in Tea Tree Oil or something similar. You do need to replace them more frequently than menstrual cups. Every  Also- if you decide to go this route, just invest in the premium, ultra soft ones. I thought it wouldn’t be a big difference, and I got the regular ones in various sizes, and they literally felt like I was shoving sandpaper up my crotch. No fun. So get the soft ones. And it is a good idea to sew some thread in it, so that you can pull it out easier. Thankfully I was already married when I got them, because I could not for the life of me get a good grip on the petite, tiny, little sponge, so I had to beg my husband who has longer fingers to go fishing. It was not a pleasant experience- in the least- for either parties involved…bearfootmama.com pacii-chart things every woman needs to know about. Menstrual cups, backless bras, adhesive bras, nipple covers, thrush, baby care, girl power

6. Menstrual cups. These are fantastic. They are a reusable version of tampons. I feel like they are more sanitary than sponges, because you can boil them. Everyone has access to boiling water, not as many people have access to tea-tree oil, or some of the other stuff needed to sanitize the sea sponges. There are tons of different brands, but if you are a virgin, I suggest getting the absolute smallest size you can find. According to this chart, that would be the “FemmyCycle Petite” aka “teen” sized. It is only 1.22″ in diameter. I was reading the reviews, and it seems like a dream, I’m sad I had not heard of it before. I got the Sckoon cup, and before I was married (aka: virgin) it HURT to put in. The diameter was too big for my tiny vaginal opening. So I never used it. After I was married, it still hurt. Now, after I had my first child (it was C-section), and I’ve learned how to fold it and stuff it in with confidence, I finally feel comfortable with the size 1. Apparently you are supposed to go up to size 2 even if you have a C-section, but obviously, every woman is different, so try to get what works for you. And do not be afraid to trim the stem off. SO much more comfortable. And they are way easier to grab than the sponges, so you don’t need to worry about needing a husband to fish it out for you (even though, there are some pretty hilarious horror stories out there. Don’t worry, just hop into the shower, spread your legs out way wide, and bear down. It’ll come out). Keep in mind that the cup can hang low, so you don’t need to shove it in quite as high (which is why you want to trim the stem, so it’s not poking your undies). Apparently the FemmyCycle has a loop, not a stem, which I think would be fabulous. But if it pokes you: trim it off.

7. Cloth pads. I did cloth diapers, had a menstrual cup, and had cloth nursing pads, but I never once considered that there bearfootmama.com Period cloth pads. Menstrual reusable pads. things every woman needs to know about. Menstrual cups, backless bras, adhesive bras, nipple covers, thrush, baby care, girl powerwould be such thing as cloth menstrual pads! The thought just never crossed my mind! I was doing cloth diapers, people. But one day I was lamenting how much pads cost, and what a waste of resources, and you just throw them away, and I was considering using some of my baby’s cloth diapers. I started looking up “cloth diapers for adults” and saw “cloth pads” and was instantly stunned. OF COURSE THEY EXIST!!! And I got some, and used them all throughout my postpartum bleeding. There are the regular sized ones that I use during the day during my normal flow, the XL ones that I use at night, or during the day when my flow is off the wall, and there are the XS ones that are like panty liners (that I do not own, because my flow is never that light, and after the cycle what is the point of underwear? I don’t need a liner for them.) But I do like cloth pads. Definitely the way to go for postpartum bleeding, and later (or before) paired with a menstrual cup. It is a little annoying that they don’t have adhesive, so depending on how slippery your pants are and your movement they can slip and slide and move out of the area they are needed, but you could remedy this with safety pins, or something. The plus side to that is that you will never have that awful glue/tape stuff getting intimately attached to your pubic hairs, or worse…

bearfootmama.com shethinx.com Period panties. Menstrual underwear. Things every woman needs to know about. Menstrual cups, backless bras, adhesive bras, nipple covers, thrush, baby care, girl power

Period Panties. That’s right folks! Science, fashion, common sense? Whatever you want to call it, has finally come up with period underwear! Yahoo! No more pads, tampons, or anything. I have not personally tried these THINX (not yet within my budget. Maybe next Christmas?), but there are tons of reviews online. I think my flow would be too heavy to go free-flow in them; the creator of them seems to have a relatively light flow (Mine is like 5 super tampons each day for two days before it starts tapering off), but they seem super awesome for night time with a pad/menstrual cup. Go to their website to find out about more feminine awesomeness.


8. Crystal Deodorant. I hated putting deodorant on, and still being stinky. It would cake onto the pits of my clothes, get white smears on shirts, and caked onto my underarms, WITHOUT taking care of the smell. Not to mention all the side-effects people say are in deodorants, and negative things it does to your body, so I decided I was done with normal deodorant and I looked for a non-homemade alternative (because I suck at homemade alternatives). I found crystal deodorant! You need to apply it when your pits are nice and clean (like after a shower, or wipe them with a soapy rag, then rinse them off), and it lasts longer when you are clean shaven (hair makes you stinkier), but this stuff works great. I learned that you have to really get it wet, then rub it all over. And to avoid sharp owies, put it back in the little dish it comes with immediately after applying- IE, don’t get it wet or rinse it off after applying. Just give it a good rinse before applying. It comes in a deodorant case, or in loose rock form. I got the loose rock. (This one) One reviewer complained that each new rock you buy comes with another plastic dish, so it does nothing to reduce plastic pollution, but I would beg to differ, since every other kind of deodorant comes with significantly more plastic, and the little dishes do not seem like they could possibly trap a poor sea creature or animal. The only better alternative I can find is reusing the same old container, so you would have to make your own, and “ain’t nobody got time for that.” (It’s not a priority, or a valid skill for me).


bearfootmama.com pStyle Feminine urination device.

9. pStyleThis is for ladies who like to be in the great outdoors with no toilets available, or for those who hate sitting on public toilet seats, and would prefer to have a way to point with the ease of a man. In comes the pStyle. There is a fantastic review on Amazon, by Pacia, that goes through 4 different woman pee devices, and this one was the only one she gave 5 stars. It is very simple, but effective, and you can wipe yourself dry with it like a squeegee. You can buy a carrying case that has a carabiner and it is just dandy. I bought it two years ago, but have not yet used it because I always forget it when I go camping. It has remained safe and sound in my 72 hour kit/bug-out-bag, just in case.

Other. There are so many other things, like waterproof suction-cup speakers, elegant water resistant watches, nose pore strips, and so much more, but I think I got the essentials.

Let me know if there is something you think I missed! I love learning about new things that make life so much easier! Feel free to ask me questions and leave any feedback!

***This post may contain affiliate links, but it in no way affects my reviews or recommendations, which are my full and honest opinions. It is at no extra cost to you, it is just a thank you from Amazon for sending people to them. I am not a medical professional, and these are just my opinions, based on experience. Try things at your own risk.***

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